Our Ciders


A small, fine bead of CO2.  Light yellow in color.

Aromas of ripe pear, apple, and strawberry and soft hints of perfume. Creamy undertones open up to subtle clove, toffee, green leaf, and pineapple notes.  On the palate, there is a gentle prickle upfront and fresh apple dominates.  A creamy, full mid-palate carries the fruit and leads to a pleasing minerality on the finish.

Pair this dry, creamy cider with maple glazed ham, shrimp scampi, and grilled salmon dishes, as well as aged cheeses like Gruyere, Manchego, and aged Cheddars.

Off The Press

Virginia Strawberry

Cidermaker’s Barrel

This reserve cider boasts our most complex flavor profile. Wild or naturally occurring yeast fermentation lends layers of flavor including vanilla and fruit sweetness. A tannic, charred-oak finish enhances this traditional Shenandoah Valley Farmhouse style cider.

Serve and enjoy this Virginia indigenous cider with salty pork, VA ham, aged cheddars, sheep’s milk cheese, rich, spicy stews and foods equal in complexity.


Our front porch sipping cider sports aromas of apple and strawberry. This palate friendly cider with notes of hard strawberry candy and sweet apple is a definite crowd pleaser.

Enjoy Betwixt with fiery Asian dishes, hearty beef or venison chillis, tangy-vinegar based BBQ, Apple pie, cobbler or on its own.

Season’s Finish

Our ice-style dessert cider with its deep gold color is round and viscous. Its long, silky, smooth mouthfeel has flavors of apple, pineapple, red cherry, and toast.

Serve with a dessert course or any stinky, soft cheese. Pecans or walnuts and blue cheese pair nicely with this cider as well. Dried fruits like fig, mango and papaya, and aged Parmesan or Asiago cheese combined with Season’s Finish is to die for.