Meet the Cider Makers


Sarah & Shannon Showalter

After growing up on the orchard, Shannon and his wife Sarah Showalter purchased the orchard from Shannon’s father in 2002 and are in their fifth year of production and distribution of Old Hill Cider. For the Showalter’s, creating Old Hill was much more than just producing the hard cider. Crafting ciders with innovative ways that early American cidermakers would be proud to serve and enjoy, their enthusiasm for reviving an American tradition is undeniable. They continue to sell apples as healthy, home grown products as part of their family tradition, but strive to have more and more value-added products and services for their customers. They continuously share their knowledge and experiences in horticulture as they support the farm-to-table and locavore movements. The Showalter family honors tradition yet embraces new methods and technologies for business and agriculture. Showalter’s Orchard and Greenhouse are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year (2015).